About Us

Hi! My name is Clayton, and I’m the guy that was crazy enough to start a snack company with just a dollar and a dream. Except, that dollar was more like .15 cents and that dream was more like, an all encompassing burning desire to make an impact on the world through food; some might call it an obsession. 

I’m an artist and a chef, but I feel like my official job title these days is chief visionary.

I began Uncle Charlie’s Gourmet Snacks in 2018 as an homage to my Great Aunt Thelma & Uncle Charles. She would always make these specially reserved cheesecakes for him; (and him only), which as a small child (of course) made me obsessed with getting just a small slice to myself.

 Long story short, I never got that slice of glorious golden cheesecake. A delicacy like that? No way. I was too young, and, back then, you didn’t give children adult delicacies like that. LOL. Those legendary cheesecakes are now long gone, but I’ve always remained fascinated and inspired by the love and authenticity of the gesture. 


Today, we use 100% Belgium chocolate to carefully, craft gourmet snacks designed to recreate that feeling for people. The feeling that no matter what else is going on in the world, there is something magnificent waiting; (made with love) specially reserved, just for you. 

Whether you’re into more traditional flavors like PB Cup or Brownie Truffle; or you’re more adventurous and want to try something new like our Key Lime Pie or Banana Split. We specialize in, love inspired, gourmet chocolate snacks for all.

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